Telecommunications System Engineer (19-11-001)

Job Description


We are looking for a Telecommunications System Engineer for our client ESTEC. You will support and report to the ScyLight Programme Manager and will coordinate the activities required for setting-up future Institutional and European telecommunications Programmes/ Initiatives/Activities in the area optical communications (Intra-Satellite, Satellite connections between Satellites, Ground, or Airborne) and applications/services) as well as in the area of secure satcom for safety and security, research programs (H2020, Horizon Europe), partnership programmes. The activities notably include the support of preparatory activities, actions and implementation in cooperation and cooperation with the relevant stakeholders (Industry, National Agencies, EU Institutions). In the execution of the tasks, you will liaise closely and proactively with the rest of the Programme team as well as with other colleagues within the Telecommunications Technologies, Products and Services Department.  In particular the activities will encompass:


  • Supporting the Project preparation and implementation and managing industrial activities.
  • Provide support to the ScyLight Programme Manager/System Engineer/Technical Leads in:
    • coordinating ESA internal studies and preparing the associated documentation
    • monitoring activities related to the industrial activities, especially monitoring the coherent and cost-effective implementation of requirements from system level down to the lower sub-system level.
    • participating in Agency Reviews and organizing the Phase A/B System Requirements Review and Preliminary Design Review as well as lower level technical reviews in the relevant field of interest along with participation.
  • Supporting the definition of technology activities or additional technical studies in preparation of the next Phase of the Programme in the appropriate areas of competence.
  • Assessment of new concepts and techniques for both space and ground segment, to be applied to next generation:
    • telecommunication systems
    • mobile communication systems
  • Preparation of inputs to status reports.
  • Regular reporting of progress to the ESA System Engineer and the ScyLight Programme Manager. You will also liaise closely and proactively with the rest of the Programme team as well as with other colleagues within the Telecommunications Technologies, Products and Services Department.

In particular as support to the ScyLight Programme Manager the tasks will include support to:

  • Preparatory activities in the course of defining and setting up new programme elements and the related programmatic frameworks
  • The creation of information packages to Decision Makers and industrial partners.
  • The creation of internal or external decision documents (e.g. proposals to the ESA programme boards) throughout the relevant project lifetime.
  • Other projects or Directorates of ESA for the definition and operational assessment of applications and services.
  • Standardisation activities in specific areas.
  • Identification and characterisation of new services and applications.
  • Monitoring of and reporting about activities in other ARTES Elements or other relevant programmes including EC programmes.
  • Initiation, preparation and running promotion activities, like workshops with Industry, other agencies or National Delegation as well as media related activities (e.g. web-articles).
  • Initiation of and/or participation in international working groups.

Required Skills and Experience

  • At least 4 years' relevant experience in aerospace or telecommunications.
  • Experience in an international team is required. You should also possess very good interpersonal skills, be well-organised, pro-active, self-motivated and able to work effectively in a matrix structure.
  • Fluency in English is required, including the ability to draft technical reports.
  • Proven capabilities in preparation of programmatic frameworks requiring system and strategic thinking.
  • Experience in Optical Technologies (Space and/or terrestrial)
  • Relevant experience in requirements analysis, design, implementation and operations, and associated management experience.
  • Sound knowledge of the overall space market.
  • Good communication skills, problem solving skills and be able to manage relationships, work in a team and be self-motivating and disciplined.


Work Location

Noordwijk, Netherlands


Start of Work: February 2019

Application Deadline: 24 January 2019

Important Notes

Before applying to this position, please read the page How to Apply.
Applicants must be EU citizens or have a valid work and residence permit for the above-mentioned work location.
Security, identity and reference checks on the candidates are part of the recruitment process.

Job Application

Please send your applications electronically to before the application deadline 24 January 2019.