Experiment Infrastructure Engineer (19-23-012)

Job Description

We are looking for an Infrastructure Engineer for our client, ESOC. You will join the Experiment infrastructure Services team and provide support to the creation, documenting, testing and validation of the OPS-SAT Experiment infrastructure. Your activities will include support to the: 

  • Study of the OPS-SAT specific on-board system on module (SoM) including all hardware and software interfaces with special attention to the Cyclone V FPGA
  • Support creating the infrastructure required to support OPS-SAT Experimenters using the SoM effectively, with special attention on how to integrate experiments into the Cyclone V FPGA.
  • Production of:
    • technical documentation and procedures
    • training documentation
    • necessary on-board infrastructure in terms of software and VHDL code to be used as a standard template for OPS-SAT experimenters
    • necessary ground infrastructure to test and validate experiments on the ground before loading to the spacecraft
    • some example experiments to prove the concept and to use as guides for OPS-SAT experimenters
  • Participation in the System Validation Tests (SVT) Programme
  • Participation in the in-flight commissioning operations
  • General Support in Experimenter co-ordination and technical support
  • General Flight Control Support Service


Required Skills and Experience

Experience in:

  • programming FPGAs
  • embedded programming
  • activities applicable to spacecraft operations

Fluency in English, both speech and writing

Coordination with other service providers in operations (team player)

Ability to work independently


Desirable Skills and Experience

Familiarity with the ESOC environment

Experience in producing technical documentation

Familiarity with the OPS-SAT mission

Previous experience:

  • dealing with external interfaces to technical customers
  • with Altera FPGA programming - especially Cyclone V
  • with embedded programming on the OPS-SAT MityARM SoM
  • with embedded programming on ARM-9 processors


Work Location

Darmstadt, Germany


Start of Work: April 2019

Application Deadline: 21 February 2019


Important Notes

Before applying to this position, please read the page How to Apply.
Applicants must be EU citizens or have a valid work and residence permit for the above-mentioned work location.
Security, identity and reference checks on the candidates are part of the recruitment process.

Job Application

Please send your applications electronically to career@solenix.ch before the application deadline 21 February 2019.